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The Lansoprazole medicine is used for preventing and treating diseases like gastro esophageal reflux, gastric ulcers and esophagitis. Our company sells Lansoprazole which refers to the proton pump inhibitor class. Taking this drug may serve a part of ulcers treatment caused by long use of anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs.

The medicine blocks acid production in your stomach. You can use Lansoprazole it by combining with antibiotics for treating some kinds of ulcers. Besides you can use the drug for treating other diseases.

Lansoprazole: Mode of application
In those cases, when you have received ampicillin, cilostazol, digoxin, sucralfate, itraconazole, ketoconazole, theophylline, vitamins or warfarin. You may need more control over your own health. Strictly adhere to a doctor’s recommendations when using generic Lansoprazole. Do take this drug by mornings and with empty stomach, if a doctor did not assign different. Swallow a tablet whole. You should not to break them, do not also crush before swallowing.

When you have difficulties in swallowing capsules, you can pour the contents into the soft foods (like cheese, applesauce or yogurt). You can pour it in juice (60 ml) and adopt Lansoprazole generic so. Look carefully to pour the entire contents of a capsule, and then rinse the capacity with the juice drinking the entire contents. Before the drug did not chew, and mixtures with medicines prepare in advance, otherwise it will increase by-effects.

Because of the interaction between generic Lansoprazole and sucralfate, and also with the antifungals like itraconasole and ketoconasole, your pharmacist or physician should choose the correct time to receive each dose, if such thing is prescribed separate. For instance, when you have scheduled taking sucralfate as an addition of Lansoprazole drug, then it is better taking medicine Lansoprazole dose for at least half an hour before you take Sucralfate. Take this drug regularly every day by the same times to get the maximum benefit of it. Do not terminate taking that medicine even when you feel weakened by illness.

Lansoprazole: Contraindications and precautions
Lansoprazole drug is contraindicated for patients having some degree of hypersensitivity to any of these drug components. Also medication is contraindicated to patients with allergy to amoxicillin (penicillins), clarithromycin or any ingredient of Lansoprazole. That medication cannot be adopted simultaneously with cisapride or pimozide.

Before you use Lansoprazole and start taking it, stop using any medication and apply for the claiming of your drug to a doctor you trust to. Tell that doctor about any illness, like stomach, liver or other. Talk with him about allergies, tumors, breast feeding or pregnancy that can complicate your treatment. Follow the instructions of all the doctors on the medicine use.

If it have been decided to use Lansoprazole required a detailed consultation with a pharmacist or a doctor. A woman should talk with her doctor about the benefit and risk of using such kind of drug. Medicine does not know cases of potential harm from prevatsid when feed breast milk. Also are unknown the harm for unborn babies. Yet during the treatment by Lansoprazole avoid breastfeeding.

Lansoprazole: Possible by-effects
When taking the medication you can have by-effects such as diarrhea or constipation. People pronging to such disorders should consult prior to use Lansoprazole. Your digestive system can answer a decrease or increase in appetite, nausea and abdominal pains. Sometimes are happen candidiasis, ulcerative colitis, an increase of bilirubin and liver enzymes.

The nervous system can respond by headache, malaise, drowsiness, dizziness, depression and anxiety. So see your doctor, wanting to use Lansoprazole. Your respiratory system responds by cough, rhinitis and pharyngitis; you may receive a flu-like syndrome. In the hematopoietic system may be hemorrhagic manifestations, sometimes even anemia. Also possible allergic reactions like skin rash, sometimes multiform erythema.

If you see these symptoms but you’re determined to use Lansoprazole, see your doctor. In fact, allergic reactions from this drug are unlikely, but sometimes still there is swelling, rash, difficulty in breathing, itching and dizziness. But even when you note any other effect that differs from the above, in this case tell your physician too.

Lansoprazole: Interactions with others drugs
Some drugs in the interaction with medicine like this lead to negative by-effects and loss of efficacy. In addition, under certain conditions, other medications may decrease the Lansoprazole activities. If you want use Lansoprazole keep in your mind that it slows down the absorbing of drugs metabolizing in your liver by microsomal oxidation (e.g. indirect anticoagulants).

This medication reduces the theophylline effect by 10%. Also changing pH-dependent absorption of funds that belong to groups of weak acids and alkali. Bioavailability of Lansoprazole reduces the sucralfate by 30% (should be observed 30-40 min intervals between doses of these drugs). Reduce and slow the absorbing of Lansoprazole also antacids (they should be taking after taking lanzoproazole). In any case, consult your physician.

Lansoprazole: Other Information
When you have missed the time for taking the drug, that is all right. Take it immediately you remember about it. If it’s time for almost the next dose, then skip the reception and return to the normal schedule. In cases of overdoses call a local Center of Toxicology for help – do not hesitate. If it has been decided to use Lansoprazole keep it by a 59-86 Fahrenheit (15-30 Celsius – the temperature of the room.) Do not store that medicine in high humidity, such as a bathroom.

Please note that our company provides only general information that does not encompass all directions and precautions. Using of our website information you could use Lansoprazole on your own. Note that all the specific instructions, given patient, are consistent with a doctor.