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Clotrimazole: Common use
Patients usually use Clotrimazole cream as an ointment for the epidermis. One hundred grams of this cream includes one gram of the active component.

This preparation gets rid of various fungi. It is used by applying on the affected areas of skin. Anti fungal activity of the main component is based on the inhibition of the ergosterol production, which is one of the components of cell membranes fungi. Such exposure disrupts the functioning of cells and causes death. If you use Clotrimazole in small doses, it only slows the development of fungus. If the dosage is increased, it kills the fungus. In high doses react with mitochondrial fungi due to the fact that the amount of hydrogen peroxide increases and fungi, thus, are destroyed.

This drug works well against dermatophytes, mold pathogens and yeasts. In addition, this medicine has a good therapeutic effect in pityriasis versicolor and eritrazme. When an external application, Clotrimazole almost misses the blood and lymph, because it does not penetrate through the epidermis and mucous membranes. The outer layers of the skin lingers a very small amount of the drug.

Clotrimazole: Dosage
Before you use Clotrimazole and Betamethasone dipropionate cream, make sure that these preparations suit you well and don’t do any harm to you. To check it, consult with the specialist.

Clotrimazole vaginal tablets are used for various diseases caused by fungi of Candida or Trichomonas. They are also useful in genitals infections caused by microorganisms, which this drug destroys. Use one pill at night. The course of the treatment is a week.

Cream is used for processing washed affected parts of the body. Clotrimazole cream should be spread (not thick layer) and rubbed into the affected area. Do this procedure twice or three times a day. The duration of the treatment depends on the disease.

Clotrimazole t is used to treat fungal diseases of the epidermis, located on the feet, in the remote places, for the treatment of pityriasis capitis, as well as therapy for Candida caused by dermatophytes, yeast, mould, or other microorganisms, destroyed the drug.

Clotrimazole: Contraindication
Before you use Clotrimazole, look through all the contraindications.

Clotrimazole has main contraindications:

It is prohibited to use this medicine in case of intolerance: it concerns any forms of the preparation: cream, pills, etc. If have an allergy not only to Clotrimazole, but to the other ointments, it means you organism reacts to the support material – polyethylene oxide, propylene glycol, methylparaben or nipagin.

The first trimester of pregnancy
In the early stages of pregnancy Clotrimazole should be avoided. However, in the II trimester it may be used. It is practically not absorbed into the bloodstream and accumulates only in the skin and hypodermis (subcutaneous tissue), so if a pregnant woman treats herpes or fungus, it does no harm.

Clotrimazole: Lactation
In the period of breast-feeding female patients need to be careful. In the period of breast-feeding in the organs, there are intensive processes of sharing, so all the external funds are absorbed very well and can get into the milk.

Clotrimazole: Precautions
You can use Clotrimazole or start Clotrimazole treatment only after you learn what the precautions are.

In case of menstruation during the treatment with vaginal tablets, patient should break the treatment for a while.

If during the treatment patients notice side effects or allergic reactions, they should search for medical advice and treatment.

Watch this drug not to get into the eyes. If the drug has already been used for a month, but the condition doesn’t get better necessary to conduct a special study to define the pathogen. Perhaps the diagnosis was not true.

If you use Clotrimazole or Clotrimazole together with antibiotics (natamycin, amphotericin b), these creams greatly diminish the effectiveness of the latter.

All the drugs of this group should be stored at room temperature (plus fifteen to twenty-five degrees Celsius), away from heat and light. They can be used not more than three years from the date of their release date.

Clotrimazole: Side effects
If want to avoid serious problems, patients are recommended to use Clotrimazole cream only if these preparations have been approved by the specialist.

On condition that you use overdose these preparations using them externally it is impossible to do any damage to health or life. This drug should not be consumed orally! If the medicine gets into the stomach, it can cause vomiting, pains in the area of the stomach, nausea, aversion to food. It might worsen the work of the liver and vision. When using this drug in any form orally, a patient should get cleansing procedures of the digestive organs, vomit and take absorbent oral. In some cases, these drugs can provoke swelling of application area, itching, rash, pain and hyperemia mucous genitals, and rare cases of exanthema. Sometimes the use of drugs Clotrimazole, the patient experiences spasms in some parts of the gastrointestinal tract.

Clotrimazole: Note
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