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Originally Diclofenac was used mainly in the treatment of rheumatic diseases, where both components are important: a pronounced anti-inflammatory and a powerful analgesic effect, but subsequently, the use of diclofenac significantly expanded. Currently, diclofenac is used in surgery, trauma and sports medicine (with lesions of the musculoskeletal system, soft tissue injuries (bruises, sprains), for postoperative pain management), neurology (for the treatment of back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, migraine), in gynecology, etc. Intramuscular administration of diclofenac sodium – an effective method of dealing with renal and hepatic colic. Special formulation of diclofenac in the form of droplets found application in ophthalmology. General practitioners also prescribe diclofenac in treatment of various pain syndromes.

Before use Diclofenac, please consider the following information.

Analgesic effect of diclofenac is caused by several mechanisms. The main mechanism of action of diclofenac is the suppression of cyclooxygenase (COX) – an enzyme that regulates the conversion of arachidonic acid to prostaglandins – mediators of inflammation, pain and fever.

In addition to inhibition of prostaglandins, there are identified other mechanisms of action of diclofenac. In a study, it was shown that diclofenac sodium can significantly inhibit migration of leukocytes in the area of inflammation. To some extent, diclofenac sodium may affect the balance of cytokines, decrease the concentration of interleukin -6 and increasing the content of IL-10. Such a change in the ratio of these products favored by slowing the secretion of anti-inflammatory factors. Reduced generation of oxygen free radicals, which occurs under the influence of the sodium diclofenac may also contribute to reduce the activity of the inflammatory process and limiting their damaging effect on tissues.

One can use Diclofenac with no rx, but it is recommended to consult your physician first.

Before use Diclofenac sodium, you should know that in addition to the pronounced anti-inflammatory activity, diclofenac sodium and has a strong analgesic potential which is not related to its effect on inflammation. It has a complex effect on the various mechanisms of perception of pain, providing effective suppression of pain of various etiologies. The drug has both central and peripheral anti-nociceptive effects.

The central analgesic activity of diclofenac sodium is mediated by opioid receptors, as evidenced by the fact that this effect is blocked by naloxone. It appears to be related to the influence of diclofenac sodium on the exchange of tryptophan. After injection into the brain, significantly increased concentrations of tryptophan metabolites capable of reducing the intensity of pain.

Diclofenac: Indications
If you wonder can you purchase diclofenac over the counter, you should also know its main indications before use diclofenac.

Despite the wide range of currently available NSAIDs and the creation in recent years of a new class of symptomatic anti-inflammatory drugs (selective COX-2 inhibitors), the most popular drug among NSAID is diclofenac sodium.

From its very beginning Diclofenac is widely used in rheumatology. An important feature that allowed diclofenac displace other drugs from the group of NSAIDs that have been applied to it, it was a high analgesic and analgesic activity, along with a good tolerability.

Effect of diclofenac manifests a decrease in the duration of morning stiffness, reduced pain (at rest and in motion), reduction of swelling, swelling of the joints, as well as improving the functional capacity of the joints, which helps to increase range of motion. Diclofenac is the drug of choice for the majority of rheumatic diseases, is used for the treatment of inflammatory and degenerative rheumatic diseases (arthritis, arthrosis, etc.).

Diclofenac: Dosage
Before use diclofenac tablets, you should know that the treatment with the medicine requires individual dosage.

Diclofenac: Side effects
The use of diclofenac in general practice, orthopedics, traumatology, sports medicine

The most frequently encountered in general practice disorders of the musculoskeletal system. The pathology of the musculoskeletal system is diverse in etiology and pathogenesis. The pain of this group of lesions may be caused by trauma, degenerative processes, inflammation, dysplasia, trophic changes (osteoporosis). The mechanisms of the disease may be inflammatory, mechanical, and other neurodegenerative Expressed analgesic effect of diclofenac in observed from moderate to severe pain, inflammation occurring after surgeries and injuries, rapid relief of spontaneous pain and pain during motion, reducing the inflammatory edema made this drug one of the most necessary for the treatment of disorders of the musculoskeletal system that occur in general practice, orthopedics, traumatology, sports medicine, neurology.